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Filming this photo shoot was a thrilling experience! I had so much fun editing it to the music. Citygirl Weddings and Events & Urban Rootstock produced this amazing conceptual photo shoot at the great Chicago venue, ARTrevolution. Chicago’s premier wedding vendors united for this creative collaboration called “The Bold and the Blissful.”

Here is the description from Tuan H. Bui’s upcoming photography feature:

The Bold & The Blissful is a tribute to the soap opera, The Bold & The Beautiful, which first premiered in March 1987. Twenty-five years later, this photo shoot was taken in tribute of the show. The scene starts off with the Blissful, where the bride and groom are seen happy and in love. The dress is beautiful, the table settings are gorgeous, and she has the perfect husband— what more could a bride ask for? Well, a little peace and quiet perhaps; as we flash to the Bold, drama ensues. Why is the maid of honor so upset? Why is there food everywhere and the decor disheveled? The details of what happened during this tragically beautiful wedding reveal themselves through the photographs – look ahead for the entire story.

I was honored to be asked by Sharokina Pazand, owner of Citygirl Weddings & Events to film this photo shoot. The planning and design blew me away the moment I walked in the door. Check out the credits of the great folks involved in putting this artistic piece together.

STYLING, PLANNING, PRODUCTION: Citygirl Weddings & Events
IMAGES: Tuan H. Bui, Photographer
MAKEUP & HAIR: Vanessa Valliant
TUXEDOS: Formally Modern
BRIDAL SHOES: James Ciccotti
FINE JEWELRY: Love & Promise Jewelers
LINENS: Private Label Linens
RENTALS: Tablescapes
LOCATION: ARTrevolution
DESSERT STYLING: Sugar Chic Designs
DRAPERY: Allure Event Designs
STATIONERY: Magnificent Milestones
ARTWORK: Bryant Johnson
MODELS: Christos Liagridonis, Kimberly Adelle Trefilek, Peter Djuric, Anastasia Shirina, Erica Kohagizawa
VIDEO: Whitney Cinema

Scotland came to the U.S for this international union between lovers. Andrew described their wedding day as “the greatest day of my life.” When the bride breaks into simultaneous tears and laughter during the vows, then it is always a good sign. Becky said she cries every time she watches the highlight video, which is a good thing. Andrew emailed me, “Alan!!! This far exceeded our expectations!! Just amazing! Thank you so much!!! I understand we paid you, but seriously, I wanna take you out for a beer man!!! Just awesome! Notice there are no periods in this message, only exclamations!!!!! Thanks again!!!”

The new Whitney Cinema Facebook Page cover photo is a scan of a vintage stereoscope that we found in New Glarus, WI. It looks to be about 100 years old. The caption reads, “As Seen Through the Keyhole.” Thanks to my lovely wife, Beth, for the great idea.

The best part about celebrating with Jennifer & Jason on their wedding day was that they were having a great time just being around each other. They laughed and had a ball during every part of the day.

Jennifer’s response to the video:

“I have to tell you that there are no words to explain how much we LOVE the wedding video! The first time we watched it (which was of course the same day we got it) there was laughter, tears (all good), and so many smiles. The video is everything that we hoped it would be and we love watching it! There are so many things that we didn’t remember from our wedding since there was so much going on, but this caught every awesome moment so it’s perfect.

Thank you again for all of your hard work, it turned out amazing. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know getting married!!


Hyemi And Minh-Tu lit up a great room at the InterContinental Chicago. I loved filming this wedding! The Downtown and Chicago River photoshoot was so much fun with a great group of friends. This was my first wedding day narrative highlights that I shot and edited for the wedding video.

Here is an excerpt from their response to the video:

“Minh-Tu and I really loved how you edited the music and video clips for the guest version.

For the full video, we loved the video menu and the music you paired up for each section. Also we were blown away by the camera effects, where you do a blur pan into details of the wedding. Also the mic on Minh-tu was a great addition, so that you hear our voices clearly.

For the dance montage, we loved how you dubbed new music over it, yet it looked like people were actually dancing to that song. =)

“Deciding to hire Alan as our wedding videographer was one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding. He came highly recommended from a friend, and right off the bat, during our initial meeting, we knew he would be the best person to hire.

He was the first vendor to arrive to our wedding despite the torrential rain, and was set and filming within seconds. Very professional, and made my husband and I feel at ease. He captured all the best moments, and brought out the best in everyone. He went above and beyond to capture moments – even stepping out in the middle of a busy street to get the best shot.

We were blown away by the final video – very creative angles, camera techniques and perfect editing. Not only did he produce a perfect full video, but he also created a beautifully edited dance montage and abbreviated guest version.

One guest’s comment about Alan’s final video was that ‘It looked like a million dollar A&E documentary’.

If you want a creative and modern wedding video that everyone will love, hire Alan.”

Thanks Alan!


The new Whitney Cinema blogsite has launched! I am celebrating by posting some great videos from some of my favorite weddings.

Here is the Groom’s response:

“Alan- You my friend have a gift. I think we watched the video 5 or 6 times before realizing we missed dinner at it was midnight. I was literally speechless and blown away what you were able to do. Thank you very much for your hard work. It was ABOVE and BEYOND what I had expected the final product to be.

Wow, just…